I’m so glad you are visiting my site. My art work is lead by experimentation and exploration. I use materials that will lead me to discovery and unexpected results.

Artist’s Statement

My artwork is as much about the process of making as it is about the finished piece of art. Formally, I was trained as a print maker, so repetition, pattern, and technical development is built into my work. Variation is the natural by-product of hand-drafted work; even when using the same materials, tools, and format. Chance and accidental moments lead to variations and unexpected results with each piece and it is those moments of surprise that seek to explore.

It is important that I use materials that are as non-toxic and environmentally friendly as possible. I currently favor wax-based mediums and alternative photography techniques because they fall within those parameters. I am interested in pushing the capabilities of the materials to force accidental occurrences and create dynamic works that interact with their environment.

As an avid traveler, I seek unfamiliar territories that force me into a level of discomfort and heightens my senses. I use these opportunities to rethink the way I navigate my surroundings and create a sense of connection by linking the familiar and the unfamiliar. The space between the known and the unknown is what I hope to portray with my art.


Michele Randall is an instructor for the Makery PA a creative Make Space. She received an MFA in printmaking from Penn State University and continues to work in print based media as well as Encaustic, hot-wax based media She has worked as an adjunct instructor for Penn State and Susquehanna Universities. Currently, she is the Supervisor for the Palmer Museum of Art’s Store.

Michele has lived in State College and Pennsylvania for most of her adult life, however she loves to travel and seek out new experiences whenever possible. Most recently, she participated in a two month artist residency in Southern Spain while investigating the daily patterns of ocean tides and changing shorelines.